Friday, July 2, 2010

Love King

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Love King, produced and written by The-Dream. I thought I would never say this but it is one of the best and solid r&b albums I have heard for a long time probably since Thr33 Ringz. The-Dream went crazy on this and told the truth. Each song and it's transitions are genius. All his references and punns are tooo good. For a person to truely understand this album you would have to listen to LoveHate & Love vs. Money. Personally my favorite tracks are: Love King, Make Up Bag, FILA, Sex Intelligent, Sex Intelligent pt. 2, Nikki pt. 2, Abyss, February Love. Just basically the whole album. The album is out, so get it! Oh and if you haven't seen the promos...make sure none of your parents are around cause it is DIRTTTYYYY!!!! You thought his Ciara's Ride video was dirty?!

and this one is only 18+ (contains nudity)

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